Zhenlong Li

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Research Interests

      Current Projects

  • Enhancing Situational Awareness by Mining Big Social Media Data in Near-real Time for Disaster Management, USC OVPR ASPIRE I, (2017-2018).  Zhenlong Li (PI), Amir Karami
  • Prototyping a Near Real-time Flood Mapping System with Social Sensing and Big Data Computing, CAS Research Initiative, (2018).  Zhenlong Li (PI)
  • Computational Analysis of the US 2016 Presidential Election in Social Media, USC Office of The Provost, (2017-2018), Amir Karami, Zhenlong Li(Co-PI), David Darmofal)


       Past Projects

  • When, Where, and Who: Mining Billions of Tweets to Understand Celebration Patterns of US Holidays, Magellan Scholar Program, (2017),  Zhenlong Li (PI), Daniel Newsome
  • Prototyping a Cloud-based Spatial Web Portal for Parallel Analytics of Big Climate Data, Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Testbed, (2017 ), Zhenlong Li(PI), Fei Hu
  • Developing a High-Performance Query Analytical Framework for Big Climate Data Analysis, USC ASPIRE I, (2016-2017), Zhenlong Li(PI)
  • Teaching Innovation Grant for Integrative Learning for GEOG 554 Spatial Programming,  Center for Teaching Excellence and USC Connect(2017), Zhenlong Li (PI)
  • Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Flood Impact by Integrating Satellite, VGI, and Social Media Data: Rapid Assessment of the October Flood, USC Floods Seed Grant, (2015-2016), Zhenlong Li(PI), Cuizhen Wang, Christopher Emrich, Diansheng Guo
  • A Computational Framework for Tracking Reports, Opinions, and Feelings of People in Social Media Before, During and After a Natural Disaster, USC Floods Seed Grant (2015-2016 ), Amir Karami, Zhenlong Li(Co-PI)
  • Hadoop Middleware for Processing Big Climate Data, NASA/NSF (2014-2015), Chaowei Yang, Zhenlong Li(Co-PI)
  • Geospatial Web Services Discovery and Integration based on Tianditu, China Ministry of Education (2011-2012), Zhenlong Li(PI)

Research Projects with Funding

  • Geospatial big data processing and analytics
  • High performance computing, cloud computing/Hadoop
  • Geospatial cyberinfrastructure/CyberGIS
  • Interoperability, spatial web services, SOA
  • Application areas: climate, disaster management, public health.